Nicole + Ryan

It’s been said that some may forget things you’ve said and perhaps things you’ve done or even what you wore last Friday, but they won’t forget this day! When we first met Nicole and Ryan we knew instantly that their day was going to be amazing. Not because of the amazing venue or flower arrangements,[.....]

Sarah + Amit

Like people, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” wedding,  but we had a hard time not deeming their amazing day just that. Sarah seemed to have a built in diffused glow about her all day. No photoshop needed when it comes to this family! Amit seemed to be ten feet tall that day, seriously[.....]

Meaghan + Matt

Wow, what a great way to end our 2012 wedding season! Firetrucks, giant sparklers and Wonderbread 5. Meaghan and Matt were super fun to film. I’m quite confident that if we’d dared Matt, he would have jumped that golf cart! Their history together spans from when they were just kids to now, completely connected. Congrats[.....]

Marissa + Ryan

Talk about young and hip! Marissa and Ryan are the epitome of cool! Dude was so GQ and Marissa jaw dropping! We love SF shoots and this time it was during fleet week. Totally amazing backdrop for a couple! Congrats you guys, you are amazing

Jennifer + Fred

Truly amazing story on how Jennifer and Fred met, it took over 10 years for them to get to this day. Thanks to Facebook, Fred was able track down the girl who took his breath away.  It was so cool to see so many culturally diverse folks from around the world. One of my favorite[.....]

Stephanie + Kevin

We love shooting in the city, and when you add a couple like Stephanie and Kevin to the mix, it makes for a stunning day! Running around the city with them was an absolute blast, we even made a quick stop for a mini celebration at Vesuvio, the first place they met. The backdrop for[.....]

Bethany + Paul

What an amazing day for Bethany + Paul. It was apparent that these two are meant for each other. It was very cool to witness Paul singing a song that he wrote for Bethany and her reaction was even better. The amount of detail that went into this day was off the charts!  

Daydreamer Demo Reel 2012

What an amazing year we had and to think, it’s still not over! We’ve had  the pleasure to work with so many talented, wonderful people this year! Daydreamer = A team of friends, swashbucklers and dreamers

Becky + Javier

We are very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people throughout the years, especially so with Becky and Javier. We all knew right away when we first met that this was much more than a client/vendor relationship. Since we met Becky and Javier, we’ve become friends, really amazing friends! It really made us look[.....]

Beejan + Jade

A fantastic day indeed! We knew early on that this was going to be a dynamic story to tell. From amazing singer Melissa Polinar to bellydancers to a uncontrolled rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool F.C. It’s not too often you have these elements on top of an already busy day. P.S. Notice we put[.....]

Heather + Travis

It’s always nice to take part in our client’s special day but Heather and Travis took it to a new level for us. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness true connections on many levels but what I saw that day was something I had never seen before. The connection that these two have and the[.....]

Phillip + Kate

One would think that the solar eclipse would be one of the biggest highlights of the day, but it paled in comparison to the emotion between Phillip and Kate. You could tell that there was an immense amount of planning that went into their day but you couldn’t tell by looking at either of them.[.....]

Nina + Mark

It’s pretty rare that we are surrounded by so much talent! Everywhere we turned there were amazing singers and pianists. Nina and Mark are incredibly genuine, romantic and down to earth kind of people. Mark made all us guys look bad when I found out that he makes late night grilled cheese and reads nighttime[.....]

Sarah + Alex

Amazing couple, amazing venue! We first met with Sarah and Alex in our studio a couple of months before they tied the knot. We absolutely love it when our clients take the time to meet with us before their wedding! One of our favorite things about what we do is to experience such an amazing[.....]

Denise + David

I loved David and Denise before I even met them. One evening I was checking our messages and there they were. Some if it I made out but half of it was the two of them laughing hysterically. Jen and I listened to to the message three times and every time found ourselves giggling right[.....]

Alexa + Elliott

I really wish I had the words to describe Alexa and Elliott’s family. Normally I would go on and on about how spectacular their venue was or how much creativity they put into their day and how perfect the weather was etc.. This family is absolutely dynamic! It was amazing to see and experience the[.....]

Taylor + Angela

We can’t tell how amazing it was to be a part of Taylor and Angela’s amazing day! We had the pleasure of working with them for two straight days on their project. They truly accepted us into their group and were treated like part of the family. Taylor being the masterful film student he is,[.....]

Erika + Sean

The imminent rain never came! Erika and Sean’s big day was spectacular. It was amazing to see all of the staff from Simi Winery relocate everything to a covered, rain proof area. It was so seamless that you would never have known that it wasn’t planned that way. The guests really know how to let[.....]

Wesley + Carissa

Wow! St. Helena, was such a beautiful location for a wedding video shoot. Outstanding vineyards stretched for miles. This was a spectacular day with deep blue skies and soft clouds. The event went off without a hitch thanks to Angela at Lulu events The Harvest Inn was such an amazing place the brickwork, mountain view[.....]