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Becky + Javier

We are very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people throughout the years, especially so with Becky and Javier. We all knew right away when we first met that this was much more than a client/vendor relationship. Since we met Becky and Javier, we’ve become friends, really amazing friends! It really made us look at the paths we take and the people we meet along the way and why we do what we do. We just had Becky and Javier over to our studio to watch their project for the first time and we decided to be sneaky and film their reaction. You can see it below their project. This one’s for you guys. **J+J**

7 thoughts on “Becky + Javier
Valerie says:

Absolutely Amazing – well done and I loved seeing their reactions!

Maggie says:

L<3VE!!!! Crying started under the minute mark and I dont even now this beautiful couple. Amazing as always!

    Maggie says:

    My eyes were too teary to notice I missed the “K” in know :)

Jason says:

You guys are absolutely amazing….I cried then as she walked down the isle and again watching this…………so thankful you were there, as there were quite a few times that day I was rendered useless to press the shutter…..

So happy to have met you both…….


Lisa Faigman says:

You are amazing, Jamie and Jennifer. Every single film is a work of art. It is a wonderful thing when people find their true calling. Very best wishes to this great couple that I now sort of feel like I know!!! :)

Randy and Patty Persun says:

You two did an amazing job with this video. Becky called us the other night to let us know about it. We watched it when Becky’s sister, Tammy, came home for the weekend. We couldn’t watch it till Tammy came home because Becky wanted Tammy to let her know our reaction. Of course you know the answer to that. It was tears all around. Becky’s grandparents were here also to see the video. That was the first time they saw anything of the wedding because health issues prevented them from traveling to California from Pennsylvania. My parents just loved it and of course they cried also. We can’t wait to see the entire video of the wedding. Becky and Javier picked the perfect people to video tape their wedding . Thank you for being there for Becky and Javier’s special day and capturing all those special moments on video. It was wonderful meeting both of you and knowing you have become very special friends of Becky and Javier.

Kim says:

Just beautiful…you two look so happy together. Wishing you many, many years of happiness and good health.

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