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Erika + Sean

The imminent rain never came! Erika and Sean’s big day was spectacular. It was amazing to see all of the staff from Simi Winery relocate everything to a covered, rain proof area. It was so seamless that you would never have known that it wasn’t planned that way. The guests really know how to let lose on the dance floor. Especially “the red haired guy” with moves that I’ve never seen before :) It’s a good thing that we didn’t forget to push the record button! It was also refreshing to see a cake created after their favorite past time… Video games! Their sense of humor even yielded some additional editing for us, I found myself editing out my giggles more than once. Note to self–turn my head when you have to laugh…**J**

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Terri & Cully says:

Sean & Erika, congratulations on your one year wedding
anniversary! That was an amazing video, really beautiful and heartwarming. We had a great time at your wedding, it was a perfect day. We wish you many, many more happy years to come.
Terri & Cully

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Ceremony & Reception- Simi Winery
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