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Jennifer + Fred

Truly amazing story on how Jennifer and Fred met, it took over 10 years for them to get to this day. Thanks to Facebook, Fred was able track down the girl who took his breath away.  It was so cool to see so many culturally diverse folks from around the world. One of my favorite parts is when Fred surprised Jen with a performance from the heart, and everyone got involved!

3 thoughts on “Jennifer + Fred
Jerrie Janssen says:

What an amazing event. I am so happy for both of you.

Yves says:

This is a heart-warming video…I just loved it and watched it twice in a row !
Fred & Jen : you are a wonderful couple, I was quite happy to be around on that very special day with you and all your other guests- and I have been extremely grateful and lucky to witness your love since the day it started !! When I first saw you Jen I knew you were immediately well suited for Fred and I am happy that you two made it through despite these 10 years of distance….Lot’s of happy vibes for you my favourite couple !! Yves

stefan says:

et bin mon vieux… toutes mes félicitations à vous deux.
Jen… the next time you will come to france, We will invite you at home, to be sure seeing you this time.
great wedding.

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