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Phillip + Kate

One would think that the solar eclipse would be one of the biggest highlights of the day, but it paled in comparison to the emotion between Phillip and Kate. You could tell that there was an immense amount of planning that went into their day but you couldn’t tell by looking at either of them. Calm cool and collected was the vibe we got. ┬áHere’s a look at their story through our eyes…

8 thoughts on “Phillip + Kate
Phyliss Kramer says:

Wonderful reliving the wedding and sharing some of your private moments. It was a lovely evening beginning to end. happy birthday Kate! Love to you both
Aunt Penny

Pati Kearns says:

Oh! So beautiful.
My love to you.

Sylvia Nguyen says:

This made me misty eyed all over again. Beautifully done and such a lovely capture of your magical day. Congrats again, you two.

Yolanda Bass says:

This was so wonderfully done! What a happy, happy day! I pray that you will never forget the joy you shared that day of a great beginning as one.

Mildred Mariner says:

Thank you Lord for your blessing of an amazing and magnificent bride for my amazing and magnificent son Phillip. May you watch over them and guide them always.

Branden Roberts says:

Beautiful and perfect!

Abby Speight says:

So beautiful! I’m so happy for you two, and this video is such a special memory of the night!

Vicki Hubbard says:

Phillip and Kate….I just sat down and witnessed one of the most beautiful demonstrations of love and sweet beginnings. May the Lord bless your union as He has with your Uncle Hub and I. Thank you for sharing your wedding and affection.

Aunt Vicki

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