Daydreamer Demo Reel 2012

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Daydreamer Demo Reel 2012

What an amazing year we had and to think, it’s still not over! We’ve had ┬áthe pleasure to work with so many talented, wonderful people this year! Daydreamer = A team of friends, swashbucklers and dreamers :)

3 thoughts on “Daydreamer Demo Reel 2012
Robin L Burgess says:

DayDreamer has a way of capturing the moment and all the emotions that go along with it …

tim carls says:

dayDreamer is one who has a vision and can see how to make it a reality. i have the vision the idea but need help making it a reality. DayDreamer has the ability to make it all happen.

Fantastic job on The Levi Project, very compelling Documentary, very well done.

I’ll be emailing you with an idea, how to go about it is the big question.


Sarah Morando says:

Beautiful! I am so happy to be working with you guys for my wedding. Wishing you success in all of your endeavors!

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