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[tabs] [tab title="Team"] We are candid natural light shooters that strive to dream, think and create artistic interpretations through cinema. If we could describe how we feel about our work, just think of kids chasing fireflies. We are a collaboration of individuals, each with a distinct set of eyes and ideas. This combination of concepts is what makes Daydreamer Cinema. [/tab] [tab title="Jamie"] D.O.P.,  Cinematographer, Director, Lead Editor, CEO. [/tab] [tab title="Jennifer"] Cinematographer, Lead Photographer, Set Design and Lighting [/tab] [tab title="Kit"]  Lead Cinematographer, Editor and Sound. [/tab] [tab title="Adam"] Cinematographer, Business Operations. [/tab] [tab title="Christine"]

Cinematographer, Lion Tamer.[/tab] [tab title="Taylor"]  Cinematographer, Gaffer and Sound. [/tab] [/tabs]

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